History secrets

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Studying history is one of the biggest challenges. We are not talking about studying history just for a positive grade in high school, but for studying history seriously, like in a Faculty of History. When studying history, college students have wider access. They try to find the truth not only from the perspective of the winners but from both sides, including the side of the ones that were oppressed throughout history. And in this case, things can be rather complicated... Donald is a history student. At the moment, he is working on his graduate thesis. His research is taking him into the home of one of the most famous historians of today, professor Andrew. Donald believes that professor Andrew possesses historical documents that have been kept secret for a long time but are documents that can change the history of his country. As you may guess, those documents could put Donald in danger, but let\'s see what will happen, and let\'s help him if he somehow gets into trouble.

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