Evidence Left Behind

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Sometimes, even though the policemen and the detectives are sure that someone is guilty, there are not enough evidences that could prove that. And probably those are the hardest moments for the authorities. They know that someone has committed a crime, but they can\'t put him into jail, bringing justice for the ones that somehow have been damaged.The policeman Kevin comes once again in the apartment that belongs to Joshua who is a criminal. Joshua will be set free in few minutes because there are not enough evidences that could prove that he is guilty, so he can\'t be kept in prison any more. Before Joshua comes in his apartment, Kevin would like to search all around the place, hoping that he would find new important evidences, hidden in this apartment.The police could not find anything else so far, but Kevin believes that there is something more, related to the case, that stays hidden somewhere in the apartment. Let\'s look for the evidences together with the policeman Kevin, before Joshua comes in his home.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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