Prairie Wanderer

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We have seen so many films about cowboys. Usually they are described as brave men that ride through the prairie, going from one adventure to another. Sometimes they have to face other cowboys while sometimes they are followed by their own destiny that makes them act like real rebels, always fighting for their own justice. Now check out this interesting story about one real cowboy.Jack is a lonely cowboy that doesn\'t belong anywhere. Actually he doesn\'t belong to any other gang so the other cowboys call him \'Prairie Wanderer\'. Jack wanders through the prairies, looking for places where he could spend the night. He chooses abandoned homes and uses the objects from there. Some of those objects he sells in order to earn some money, while others he keeps for himself.The objects could be useful for his next trip because he never knows what will be his next stop. Some may say that Jack\'s life is very difficult but he would say that it is very challenging and adventurous. Let\'s meet this lonely cowboy and check out how he spends his days.

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