Sleepless House

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People have different talents, different skills that give them certain power over other people, or, let’s say, certain advantage compared to others. But Rose has some other kind of power, not that usual kind of pawer actually… Rosa has supernatural power and she is able to get into touch with afterlife very easily. When we say afterlife, we are talking about the world of the ghosts, something that we are not even sure if it really exists, but as Rose says, there is something…Today Rose comes to the house where the objects never sleep. We are used to see the material things like objects without life in them but this house is so unusual. Those objects are moving around all the time, like some invisible force is moving them around.Rose has an intention to get in touch with the ghosts that live in this house, with intention to settle them down. Let’s see if she is really able to do that and if it’s really about ghosts in this situation or maybe it’s about something else. Definitely, we are about to see something unusual, in any case.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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