Cruel Justice

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Unfortunately, even in the professions that seem to be most noble, there is someone that simply likes to take advantage… The two detectives Sarah and Andrew, together with their team, are on the field intending to look for some pieces of evidence. More precisely, their task is to find some evidence so they could prove the corruptive activities of judge Mark.This judge has presumed guilty, an innocent person. Now this person will serve life imprisonment for a murder he hasn’t committed. You may imagine how terrible this is and how unjustly! The detectives are here to solve this awful situation and bring justice, so the judge Mark goes where he belongs – behind the bars, not in a so responsible position as now.We could also take part in the team of the two detectives Sarah and Andrew and help them with the search of the pieces of evidence.We are sure that they will appreciate that because justice is something that is most important for them, not some personal interests… Let’s bring real justice, not this cruel and unfair!

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