Melody of Love

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Love can be very powerful and it can bring out a passionate side of you that would otherwise remain dormant in your everyday life. Kevin is a young man who is crazy in love with his fiance. They make a very nice couple and seem to be a perfect match for each other. Although they are madly in love and walking on clouds, it is hard for Kevin to describe to his loved one how he feels about her. But writing a song can help!He wants to write her the best melody ever written and the best way to create an effective love song is to simply let his passion shine through. Now he has to find the right inspiration and pick his favorite idea for his melody, and start working on it. His fiance has to go on a trip and Kevin uses her absence to start exploring their home in search of inspiration for the love song that he wants to write for her. The best way to make this love song a success, is to make it as personal to his own experiences with love as possible, and let his fiance who feels the same discover and connect with it.They live together a while now and have a favorite place to hang out. The surroundings remind Kevin of his fiance and can help get his creativity going before he turns his heart into poetry and music. To do this, he has to describe the person he loves, how she makes him feel, and how it feels to be together. Oh, we haven\'t met such a romantic person in long time, haven\'t we? Let\'s help this man write the best love melody in the world.

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