Bewitched Manor

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Have you ever met a real sorceress? A sorceress who comes from a family of wizards that has generations and generations behind her? Meet Helen, she is a true sorceress who actually comes from a very famous family of wizards. However, this is not the only family of wizards, and it is also true that these families sometimes fall into a series of conflicts driven by the desire for prestige. Their powers are big, but some of them are eager for more. Namely, many years ago, another famous family of wizards cast a curse on Helen\'s uncle\'s estate. To this day, her uncle\'s estate is still cursed, and Helen wants to break this curse so her uncle can return to live in his home again.Helen comes to the cursed estate of her uncle, the wizard Brandon, determined to solve the whole situation. She has superpowers, but she can\'t always guess what she will face in the next challenge. So, let\'s be there for her. Let\'s see what happens on the uncle\'s estate, and do everything we can to help Helen save her family.

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