The Old Curse

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Nicole comes back to the city where she was born and lived there until she was 15 years old. Her family moved for the better, but it appears that it was not better. Actually, her family is followed by accidents after they moved from this city. Nothing goes right, so Nicole started believing that someone has cursed her family with bad luck. Nicole likes to break that curse, so she comes back to that city. She likes to find out what is happening in this place after so many years and to find out who was responsible for that curse. She may or may not find the answers she needs, but she will definitely try. Maybe this will be the end of her family\'s bad luck, so they can all continue being free from those accidents that follow them at every step. Let\'s see if we can somehow help Nicole and her family. She hasn\'t been to that city for so many years, so she will need someone to keep her company and help her if she needs some help with her action. Let\'s see what is waiting for us in that city.

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