Banished Ghost

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Well, who knows how do ghosts feel, right? Unless someone from us is an actual ghost… Where do ghosts live? Maybe they live in some middle-space, or they have crossed and now they live in some parallel universe, full of ghosts. Or maybe they live between us, but we can’t see them…In this game we will meet the ghost Anthony. He is actually a banished ghost who has been expelled from his home one year ago. The reasons why he was banished from there are not known yet. And since he was banished from his dwelling, the ghost Anthony wanders around the whole world, looking for a place where he could settle down.Now, the ghost Anthony has decided that he should come back in his old home for a short time. He would like to find his personal belongings, the objects that he needs for his future. He is really connected to those objects and he would like to take them wherever he goes. We could help the ghost Anthony find the objects. let’s observe the whole scene and we are sure that we will find whatever Anthony needs.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Scary



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