New Roommate

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Student life has many aspects that students have to face. One of those aspects is dorm life, which involves living with roommates. Student Mary has a new roommate and she still hasn\'t met her in life. The new roommate hasn\'t arrived yet, but Mary knows she\'s at the same college as her which means they will have many interests in common. They will have many special moments together, that is for sure. However, living together implies matching characters, because then many more things are shared in everyday life than conversations about interests. Being with someone at every period of the day, sometimes without a chance to avoid its presence, can be very complicated, especially if that person doesn\'t understand you in total. Alex is the name of the new roommate who arrives with a lot of luggage. Therefore, she needs help unpacking her things. Let\'s help the two roommates move their things, and help Alexis unpack and put her things in her new room. We hope that the new roommates will spend the most beautiful days of their lives in that shared room.

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