Jessies Summer Harvest

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Jessie has a farm and she loves to plant fruits and vegetables. That is her biggest passion and she does it with a lot of love and attention. However, last summer she fell off a tree and broke her leg, so she hasn\'t been to the farm in a long time. Farming is not something that can be put on hold so she insisted to come back as soon as possible. The harvest is almost ready and Jessie will have a lot of work to do, that is for sure.Once Jessie is back on her farm, she sees that the fields are ready for the harvest, but the farm is a mess. It is expected since noone took care of the place for a long time.She can\'t make heads or tails of what\'s where and what to start cleaning first. Boy, oh boy, Jessie can surely use a helpful hand. Her dedication and engagement will make Jessie do her best, but there are really so many things that need to be done. Let’s help her take care of the terrible mess, so she could continue with the harvest without any problem. This may take a while, but it is definitely worth.

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