Detection of Crime

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The two detectives, Christine and Gregory, got a new case that involves the famous writer Samuel. Namely, the writer was found unconscious in his home, and now he is at the hospital, struggling for his life.At the moment, the two detectives are in the house of the famous writer. They are investigating the case, and they suspect that this case involves something more. They believe that the bad condition of the writer Samuel is a result of poisoning. They think that someone poisoned him on purpose. They are at the house, intending to collect as many traces and proofs as possible, so they can find out who is responsible for the poisoning, of course, if it was really done on purpose.Let\'s see the whole situation together with the detectives and try to find a solution for this unusual case. Maybe we will be the ones that will find out who is responsible for the whole thing. Also, maybe, we will discover why someone wanted to poison the famous writer? Is it about the jealousy of his talent or maybe, it was really an accident?!

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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