Eternal Fire

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Maybe people do not know exactly how the nature works or what is the center of everything that happens. The scientists may predict things and they know a lot but the universe still functions on its own and sometimes it leaves us, and even the experts, with a lot of questions. But have you ever wondered if there is something like an eternal fire, something that maintains the life on the planet Earth? According to one story this claim is true. There is an eternal fire and if that fire disappears, the Earth will be covered in eternal dark. The evil forces will take the power and they will overrule the whole world. However, this script is not completely dark. There is a solution for the situation and it seems that the wizard Louis holds the strings in his hands because he has the needed ingredients for the eternal fire.Now it is time to save the Earth so we have the sorceress Sophia, the fortune teller Alexis and the wizard Vincent that arrive in the home of the famous wizard Louis. Their search for the ingredients needed for the eternal fire may begin.

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