Animal Caretaker

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Heather is a girl that has a very interesting profession. She is an animal caretaker and that is something that she loves so much. She loves animals and she enjoys taking care of them. Her job is more than a regular job because she loves every aspect of it.And besides the regular taking care of the animals, Heather’s job includes some other things too, related to certain events. This weekend some of the horses that are on the farm will take part in the process of making a movie. They will have a part in the movie and this is a completely new experience for them and if we have in mind how intense are the movie sets, you may imagine how will they affect on horses. And that is the time when Karen comes in. She will have to prepare the horses for the movie and make they feel less stress while they are on the set.We may take part in this special event and see how it will go. Maybe we are not experts like our Karen but it is rather sure that we will see and learn something new and very exciting.

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