The Secret Club

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Unfortunately, even criminal groups are well-organized groups that work intending to fulfill their illegal maims. However, they have to be organized perfectly, because, in another way, they will become an easy target of the police and that is something none of the criminals wants.They are investing a lot of effort and energy, just to make sure they perform their criminal actions, without being caught. Detective Justin arrives at a place that is supposed to be the place where the biggest drug dealers in the city meet secretly.Since they are not doing something legal, they have prepared a whole secret organization, a net of people that are organized into a secret club that delivers the drug packages. There is a serious organization responsible for positioning every member of the club to the right place where the drug should be sold.Detective Justin is here intending to enter into the trace of these dealers, to gather enough pieces of evidence and arrest them once for all. That way he will bring justice but also he will stop a chain of illegal trade.

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