Dream Protectors

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Tima, Nelma and Vesna are three magicians, protectors of people\'s dreams. They are responsible for keeping you safe from those terrible nightmares. You may say that you are not afraid from nightmares but admit that many times you woke up in the night, all sweaty and terrified, even though nothing was true. The three magicians are here to make sure that nothing like that disturbs your dreams, and even more, your life.Those three magicians live in the magical forest, surrounded by the magical objects. Those objects bring people sweet dreams. Tima, Nelma and Vesna do their best in order to take care of the objects but as always, there are some evil forces that like to destroy the perfect harmony.Those evil forces like to destroy the harmony in the magical forest and that\'s why the three mighty magicians have decided to be really careful while doing their job. Every day they check out if everything is all right with the magical objects and if they are on their right places. Only that way they could be sure that no one plays unwanted games with people\'s dreams.

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