Dangerous Mountain

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Have you ever met a real troll? Well here is your chance. Meet Stephen who is a troll and has a very important mission in front of him, a mission that will help him and his village. Namely, one week ago, someone has come into his village, a place that is actually secret. This thief has managed to steal the holly amulets from the village. The trolls that live in this secret village, really need those amulets because they use them in their rituals. And those rituals are probably very important for the trolls, we don’t know that but it seems they truly are.Now Stephen has a mission to find the stollen amulets, but before him, he has something very dangerous that needs to be done. He has to visit the most dangerous mountain in the land, a place where it is very easy to get lost. But this is something that needs to be done because who knows what could happen to Stephen’s village if the amulets don’t get where they belong. Let’s help the troll finish his mission come back from that mountain safely.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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