Instant Attraction

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No one could predict what should we expect from our love life. While some people spend years and years waiting or searching for the true love, other people fell in love numerous times during their lives and have faith in all those loves. And there is no single definition about love. Some people appreciate certain characteristics and acts in love, while others appreciate more other things, as long as this love makes them happy.For Grace, we could say that she is a very romantic person. It seems that she surely believes in instant attraction because this kind of an attraction has lead her in her last relationship. Namely, Grace has decided to go to a next level in her relationship, by starting to live together with her boyfriend, under the same roof. Her relationship is still fresh and new but she knows that Bruce is the right man for her.When she talks about her love, Grace says that she from the first moment when she saw Bruce, she knew that she will spend her whole life with him, so there is no reason why she should wait. On the other hand, Bruce has prepared a very romantic surprise. She has hidden her many romantic presents and now Grace needs to find them.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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