Prime Suspect

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Most of the children imagine being detectives when they grow up. Looking for suspects, working incognito, searching for evidences – those are the procedures that are so attractively presented in the movies and those are the pictures that kids imagine when they see themselves in the future.Susan and James are detectives that know their job really well. This time they work on a case about a murder of the Director of the bank. The two of them have doubts about few persons, because when it is about a person that is in a position, there are always people around him that act suspicious, but however, they need more evidences to run the case better.They need evidences that will be stronger, so they could find the prime suspect in this murder. Since this is a rather complicated case, the two detectives will need some help from us.Let’s work together with them and try to find out who will be that prime suspect, and of course, try to solve the whole case as soon as possible. And yes, if being a detective was one of your choices for a future profession when you were younger, this is a very nice chance to try yourself.

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