Farm Workers

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Barbara and William are young farmers, but they have already managed to become real professionals in their job. The young farm workers always offer help to their other friends- farmers. They are aware that it was very difficult for them at the beginning, so they are willing to help others avoid the problems they had when they were starting their business. The apple picking season is about to start so today Barbara and William are visiting the farm of their friend. Their friend is rather worried about the whole process, he hasn\'t done this before, but Barbara and William on the other hand, have learned all the processes, and now, they feel confident about every next step They are here to help their friend complete the work, and as he said, they will be rewarded for their work. Let\'s help them finish the job as soon as possible, without making any mistakes that can affect the whole process. We will also learn something more about farming and apple picking, right? Let\'s start right away and find out if Barbara and William will get their reward.

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