Lights Camera Chaos

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Troubles happen even on television shows, even big troubles that can stop the whole flow of things. This time, it\'s about a TV show hosted by the host Brian. Now, he and cameraman Jack are in a big panic. Their show is about to start, but someone dared to hide or maybe steal the script for today\'s show. It is about a show that goes live, unexpected things often happen there, but important is that there is a scenario and when there are deviations from it, things cannot completely escape out of control. But in this case, the scenario is not there, and the question is, who wanted to play with the employees in the show? What was his intention, and what did he want to achieve? At the moment, the entire television crew is involved in the search, and everyone is trying to find out what happened. Let us take part in the investigation and find out where is the scenario hidden, and who is responsible for the whole situation.

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