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There are many stories about hidden treasures, and usually, we take them as legends, as something told from one generation to another but is never proven as truth. Grace and Wayne are treasure hunters who actually follow this kind of story. They hear about lost or hidden treasure and dare to start searching for it. Their adventurous spirit takes them from one place to another, always looking for a new challenge. Today, the treasure hunters Grace, Wayne, and their friends arrive at one abandoned island. There is a story that this abandoned island hides a huge treasure. This mystery is very old, but it was never solved, so now it is up to them, to find out the actual truth about it. Let\'s get involved in this interesting adventure and see what will happen on this island. Start the search with a lot of enthusiasm but, we can\'t guarantee you that there will be really a treasure. Some of those stories are true, some are myths, while others ask for a lot of search and patience, to get to the final point.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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