Crime Family

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Sometimes people around us can fool us! We might think that we know someone, but that someone may parallelly live another life and have something like a \'secret identity. \' First thing that came to your mind was a life of a super her? Or, maybe it is about a super villiant?The policeman Cary arrives at the house of miss Anna. She is a respectable lady whose house has been robbed and that\'s why the policeman was called. Namely, someone has stolen the gold that has been in Anna\'s family for years, the family treasure. That was the initial report, but while searching around, the policeman Cary finds out something else. He was looking Anna\'s photos of the stolen gold and he realized that Anna actually belongs to a famous mafia family, that has been followed by Interpol. Anna\'s story stops being that naïve, so Cary likes to find enough evidences to prove that Anna is involved in criminal actions. Will police Cary prove his assumptions? Let\'s help him find what it takes to put an end of Anna\'s family criminal

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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