Miracle Ski Resort

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A beautiful snowfall has arrived! We bundle up and go outside and play with our family and friends. Later we go inside and have a hot cocoa and cookies waiting by the roaring fire. The winter season is here and we can\'t wait to book a holiday in some of the best ski resorts.The snow has already fallen and winter season is about to start. Rachel is one the main managers of the ski resort Miracle which is waiting for the first guests to arrive. It is located far away of the town adjacent to a mountainous area with ski trails and a ski lift system. It is a destination resort, purpose-built and self-contained, where skiing is the main activity.The ski season is about to start tomorrow and the ski lift is still not in full function. In order to solve this Rachel called two more people to help, Diane and Henry. They must help Rachel find six important parts which are essential for the ski lift system to start working. Let\'s figure out how this ski lift works and what is needed to prepare it for the most crowded winter season of all times!

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