Dark Prophecy

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Humankind is under great threats every single day. A threat from the climate changes, threat from poverty, from terrorism. Who can sleep peacefully under all these occasions. The good vampire Martel arrives in the house of the evil witch Vasilisa. He is here wanting to stop Vasilisa\'s plan. And we are sure you are wondering what is that plan?Actually this witch, the worst that you can imagine, dares to enchant all the world\'s citizens so they will start hating themselves. One should be very crazy to actually do that. Hating so much is difficult to be bared for a person, for a witch, as well.Martel finds out about this plan from his grand father who has told so much about this dark prophecy where this moment actually is mentioned. According to Martel if Vasilisa\'s plan is going to be successful, the whole humanity is going to be destroyed. You wouldn\'t want that to happen, we are more than sure. So if you know that you can safe the world just for one day, than you would surely be satisfied with this game.

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