Sea of dreams

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Planning a summer vacation can be stressful sometimes. It is about around two weeks in the whole year, when we take a break from our work, so it is quite normal if we like to spend those weeks as best as possible. Alice, Julia and Joe are three friends who are on a holiday. They are on a beautiful place so every day is a great adventure for them. But the greatest adventure is about to come. White taking a walk near the se coast, Alice, Julia and Joe, all of a sudden discovered one secret beach. It is about a very beautiful beach but noone knew about that beach until now. That is an additional challenge for our friends to explore the secret beach and see what is hiding there. This will definitely be the best adventure from this holiday, an adventure that will bring them a lot of valuable objects because there are plenty of them that could be found on the secret beach. Let’s see what is hiding on this special place and enjoy its beauty, together with our friends. Maybe it will inspire you for your next adventure.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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