Enchanted Objects

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Deboarh\'s grandfather lived in a small hut at the end of the village. Although his house was small, he always told amazing things about it. Deborah grew up with these enchanting stories and learned many things from them. Among those things, Deborah learned from the stories about the existence of some very valuable items hidden in the old house. No one believed these stories but her, but Deborah had always trusted her grandfather and believed that everything he said was true. Deborah decided to go in search of her grandfather\'s valuable old items. He wants to explore the whole house and see what is hidden in it. She doesn\'t know for sure what might be hidden there, but she knows her grandfather would never lie to her, so she\'s excited about what she might find there. Let\'s help Deborah search the whole house and see what she has hidden there. It will certainly be interesting for us to search through grandfather\'s old items, items that testify to a time long gone. Let\'s get started.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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