The Bar Case

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Defocusing is often used as a method when someone wants to smuggle something and we are not just talking about criminals. The illusionist always has that blond attractive assistant that appears in the moment when he has to perform the trick. Or that eye-catching woman that goes around the table when gamblers are on the round table. What happened to Helen seemed to be something like this, but did it happened accidentally or intentionally?Detective Rosa got a late-night call from O\'Connie\'s Bar. The caller was Helen, the barista, who reported a fight and a robbery in the bar. There was one problem though, she didn\'t get a good look at who stole the money. As Helen reported, the bar fight took all her attention away, and as she was trying to calm the patrons down, someone snuck behind the counter and robbed the cash register. Detective Rosa is used to dealing with late-night cases and dealing with thugs, but this was a real mystery. She quickly dawned her badge and went down to O\'Connie\'s to investigate.

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