Great Legend

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This game is a nice chance to visit a new place, but also, you may be up to reveal something big.Donald, Karen, and their son Andrew arrive in the small city, the place where their relative Kenneth used to live. Kenneth was a man that loved to talk, and he was often telling stories about that place. There was one legend about his city about some secret treasure. The legend says that someone has hidden this treasure in one of the old houses in the city. Donald, Karen and Andrew are here to check if those legends are true and if there is really something valuable hidden in some of the houses. But besides that, searching for that hidden treasure will give them a nice chance to take a nice walk through this small city and discover its beauties. Let\'s visit the village together with Donald, Karen, and their son Andrew, and see what is this place hiding. You may find the treasure, but you will surely find a new interesting place that has something to offer. Enjoy your stay here, and the treasure will be a plus, that is for sure.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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