Playing with fear

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Choosing to stay in some place, even though you know that this place could bring some trouble for you can be taken as braveness. However, some people may concern it for a nonsense since the person knows that the place is not safe for her or so, but he or she still chooses to be there no matter what. But we all know the one that says as many people, as many different truths, so you can never take for sure what will happen since the future is always unpredictable...Victoria has chosen not to be scared by the stories about the house where she lives. She remembers the story her grandmother used to tell her about some ghosts that were noticed walking around the house in late hours but she hasn\'t seen or heard something ever before...until now!Namely, Victoria heard some strange voices when she was sleeping in her house so now, even though she is so scared, she decides to check out what is going on. Since it is about a very scary situation, it would be nice if we follow Victoria and keep her back safe.

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