Train of Mystery

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Crimes happen, that’s a fact, but another important thing is to bring justice. The two detectives Karen and Anthony, together with their team, are working on one special case. They arrive at the railway station where they see parked the train where 20 passengers were found poisoned by an unknown matter. This was a huge tragedy and no one expected something like this to happen in this train, but sometimes bad things happen, that’s for sure.Now it’s up to the police, and of course, the detectives Karen and Anthony, to check out what is it about. They have to search through the train and its surroundings in order to find something that will give them a certain trace. Is it about an accident or someone has made a terrible crime?! We will find out after the investigation.Let’s help the professionals solve this train mystery and find out what actually happened on this train. Also, try to find out who or what was responsible for poisoning the 20 passengers. And be prepared for anything. The truth can surprise us sometimes...

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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