Our First Farm

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Anna and Jonathan always wanted to have their farm. They were searching for a place that will suit them for its location, but also that will be proper for a farm. And yes, after a while, they managed to find one old abandoned farm that was on sale. They realized that it is what they were looking for, and the sales were also great because they could afford the place that way. Anna and Jonathan are very happy about the farm, but they are also aware that having a farm means having a lot of responsibilities. First of all, the farm was abandoned for a very long time, so there is a need of renovating the place. The place is huge, so there is a lot of work indeed. That\'s why Anna and Jonathan decided to call for help. They called their friends to help them in the process of renovating. Let\'s check out the farm and see if we can help Anna and Jonathan somehow. Even if you don\'t have any experience with farming, we are sure that we will find what to do since the place is very big and there is plenty of work for everyone.

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