Precious Inheritance

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After the death of their grandfather, Elizabeth and her brother Donald, find out that they are the only heirs of the property that belonged to their late grandfather. Elizabeth and Donald were little bit surprised by this information because they have never been in this property that is located high into the mountain.However, now this property belongs to them and it is time to see what is it about. They decide to go there and visit the place together with their friends in order to find out something more about the life of their late grandfather.At the moment Elizabeth and her brother Donald, together with their friends, are in the mountains, exploring the property. Very soon they realize that there is something specific about this place. Namely, the property of their grandfather was a center for evaluation of the gold that was found in the near river. That sounds interesting but at the same time it is something completely unknown for Elizabeth and Donald. Now it is up to them to decide how will they manage with this precious inheritance.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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