Roulette of Intrigue

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A casino is a place where all kinds of people gather. Some of them visit the casino for entertainment, but it is also a place where people who do suspicious things gather. This time, one person was killed in the casino. More precisely, this person was found murdered in the parking lot of the largest casino in the city. Detective Emma was called to the casino to shed light on this case. She has to solve this case that happened in her town, and she hopes to find the answer in the casino, or more specifically, in the guests who visit the casino. Maybe one of them is responsible for what happened. All the connections between the visitors of the casino, those who were present there at the time of the murder, and all those who are in some way related to the murder should be investigated. Let\'s see what happened in the casino, explore with Detective Emma, and try to find the answer to what happened that night.

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