Forbidden Case

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Transparency usually is not a part of police investigations. The reason for that is logical - if the police open up too much, the criminals will know that they are after them, and they will do everything to escape. But the following case is something that leaves confused even the police officers and the detectives... The policewoman Sandra and the two detectives Donald and Michelle are on their way to solve one big mystery. It is about a murder that has happened 10 years ago but it\'s still not solved. Because of some unknown reason, from then until now, no one is allowed to work on this case. The case is also treated as a \"forbidden case\" and this label is something that confuses everyone at the police station. Let\'s sneak into the police station and see if we could somehow help Sandra, Donald, and Michelle in the process of solving this huge mystery. We hope that finally the case won\'t be forbidden anymore and the authorities will manage to find a solution for it, placing the ones that are responsible for the case behind the bars.

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