Temple of Wisdom

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What about some fantasy matter or today? Whenever someone mentions dwarves we think of those little creatures that always think of interesting things to do, they are funny, they are smart and they want to be in the middle of our attention.It\'s been awhile since we haven\'t introduced you to our little friends, the dwarfs. This time they are in a strange mission and they want to become smarter and richer. Abi, Fabia and the Eadric the dwarf arrive at the Temple of wisdom. They are here with one single purpose. They need to find the objects that should help them to enrich their wisdom and as for a reward, they want to get golden coins.Now, its\' time for you to stand up and fight for the joy of these creatures. Maybe it won\'t be easy, but it certainly is going to be fun. Especially, when we know that these creatures belong in our fantasy, that creative people invented them and gave them superpower so they will make the world of fantasy a better place. We believe we gave you enough reasons for you to want to be part of our fun.Play the free online hidden object game Temple of Wisdom. They are here today to find the items that they need to enrich their wisdom and if they find them, they will get gold coins as a reward.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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