Secret Sauce

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Maybe it is just a trick that great cooking chefs use to add some mystery to their work. Perhaps they believe that that way they will be unique, but there may be something true in the stories about the magic ingredient that makes their dishes unique. The young cooker Laura works in a nice restaurant. She loves her work very much, and she is building her career there, step by step. However, the day has come when her knowledge will be tested. That will be the real exam for her work, so let\'s see how she will deal with it. The chef cook can not come to work today, so everything is left to Laura. Laura may be capable to handle things, just that this restaurant is famous for one special sauce. The chef is the only person who makes this sauce, and he has a secret recipe. The chef doesn\'t share this recipe with anyone, so now Laura has to do her best - to find out the ingredients of thsi sause. Laura will have to do that on her own, and make a detailed analisis of all the ingredients of this great recipe.

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