Wildlife Expedition

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It is true that some of the same animal and plant species can be found everywhere in the world, but on the other hand, there are species that are typical only for a certain region. Despite the rest, it is precisely this diversity that makes these locations beautiful and attractive. A long period of separation from the rest of the world has blessed Australia with its extremely unique fauna. Cut off from other continents for about 30 million years, its wildlife has evolved to suit the conditions there. That is the reason why there are animals and spices that can be found only in Australia, making its wildlife rich and unique. And the adventurers Janet and Peter are always \"hungry\" for new adventures, so they hardly waited for the trip to Australia. Finally, they have arrived there, with the aim of visiting the divinity. Australia was always on their list of places that needed to be visited, so they couldn\'t wait to start exploring. And as said before, this continent has so much to offer.

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