Twilight Magic

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As we can see in fairy tales, myths, and other types of stories, there are various sorts of fantastic creatures and monsters, for instance unicorns, goblins, and vampires. One more of this creatures is the warlock, which is actually a male witch. Same as a witch practices magic or witchcraft for evil, so does a warlock. He could also be a demon straight from the mouth of hell but also this word has been used to lots of evil beasts and wicked mortals who practice magic for irrational ends so taken generally, warlocks are villains.Now we will meet a real evil warlock. It is about the warlock named Norbert who is responsible for one terrible thing. Actually he put the realm into eternal twilight by casting a terrifying spell. You may imagine how terrible it is to be into that unnatural state and its effects on the whole kingdom.But on the other hand, now the brave sorceress Amelia has been summoned to find the source of the spell and release this realm from evil. This means that Amelia has a very responsible task in front of her and the destiny of this realm depends on her.

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