Betrayed Secret

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Our newest game that you can put on your detective hats and solve the mystery. \"There\'s been a murder!\", are today\'s headlines. The victim? The dedicated butler of Davis family. But who killed him? Charles is the only detective who can solve this case. Time to start interviewing suspects.The dead body lies at the bottom of the house at the Davis family estate. It looks as though he fell there after a heart attack or a stroke. When the detective Charles arrives, he checks each corner of the house and the surrounding. When he comes back to the house, he states that it was a murder and not a natural death. How does he know that? There are many suspicious elements connected to the death of the butler that indicate that this was not death by natural causes.His mission now is to find out who is the murderer of the butler. But, he needs your help. Once you get on the trail, it\'s pretty clear that there\'s a killer on the loose, and it\'s down to you to follow the clues and bring the perpetrator. Enjoy the investigation and good luck with finding all the hidden clues.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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