Royal Crimes

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As we all know, the royals have a huge team of people that works for them. Starting from the servants, the drivers, then the security, the guard…including other people, we don\'t even have a clue what they do. But sometimes, even the royals decide that it is better for them to take the things under their own control and finish a certain job without any help from others, even if that job asks for working under cover.Princess Stephanie, together with her friends – the duchess Melissa and the knight Ronald, are on a secret mission. Namely, the knight Ronald has found out that someone plans to kidnap princess Stephanie and told the princess about that.However, he could not find out who plans to kidnap her, so the princess decided that she shouldn\'t waste time but to act right away. She plans to find that person and stop him in his intention, so she could avoid any rumors in the kingdom. Princess Stephanie will look for the potential kidnaper undercover, but using the help of the ditches and the knight. Let\'s see what will happen and will the royal crimes stop?

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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