Curse of the Red Serpent

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There is a strange, but at the same time, very dangerous prophecy about something that happens every 100 years. Namely, it is about the legend that talks about the curse of the Red Serpent… but then again, is it really about a legend? It seems that the prophecies that say that every 100 years, the curse of the Red Serpent is unleashed is true because things suddenly started moving into some new direction…Sakura, a woman with immense problem-solving skills, is the only person that can prevent a massive disaster from occurring. Her skills can be used in this situation, but she has to be even faster and even more effective in her acts because things should not go too far.As the legends say, solving the riddles of a true samurai is the only way to reverse the curse, so Sakura has a real challenge in front of her. Dealing with this challenge could save the humanity. Let’s learn something more about the curse of the Red Serpent and try to help Sakura break this curse once for all. Are you prepared for a real samurai challenge?

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