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There are numerous debates about the borders between the truth and real life and fiction. Is it possible for a writer to write a book that is completely isolated from the influence that could be spontaneously made by the experiences from his actual life? The answers to this question are arguable. On one side, you may say that it is not possible, but on the other hand, writers many times write things or describe events that never happened. Actually, their rich imagination is one of the things that make them writers, right?Detective Paul and his partner, the young detective Amy, have a new case in which a writer is the main suspect. The two detectives come to the home of Jakob, the writer, who is famous for his crime-books which are full of mysteries. Jacob has been taken into custody after one girl was kidnapped in the exactly same way as it was described in one of his books that is still unpublished. How is possible for someone to know what is in the book before its publishing? This makes Jacob the main suspect in this case.

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