Mystery Disease

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Threat and panic have started spreading in that city last few days, something that can’t be explained by the doctors. Linda and Michael are great doctors but they are also surprised and scared from this new mysterious disease that appeared in the local population. Those doctors don’t have any experience with those unusual symptoms that appear in the people who are sick, so they don’t know how to react.They don’t know anything about the way how is this disease treated, so they are afraid to take any step. They doubt that taking wrong steps could make the situation even worse. However, Linda and Michael have certain doubts about the origin of this strange disease too.Namely, they think that they might find the needed answers and the source of this disease in one old abandoned laboratory that is located few kilometers away from their city. Maybe something suspicious was going on in this laboratory that made this disease spread all around the city. They have to react very fast because who knows what could come next of the disease starts to spread without any control and starts affecting many people.

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