Bazaar thieves

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Bazaars have never been the safest places, that\'s something we all know. There are so many people, so we can\'t even guess who might be responsible for stealing our wallet from our pocket or bag. Pickpockets are regularly in the markets and the bazaars, including other types of thieves who are prepared to steal even the goods sold in the bazaar. How insolent is that? It\'s very insolent and unfair, but this would is still far from being perfect, that\'s for sure... Richard, together with his daughter Barbara, has a stall in the city bazaar. They work there and their job was fine so far, even though it might be intense from time to time. However, lately, many thieves have appeared there. This morning, the two of them were targeted by thieves. Few objects were stolen from their stall, including their earnings made until that moment. The situation is unenviable, so Richard and Barbara decide to make a move and start searching for their money and other goods, right away.Let\'s help Richard and Barbara find their belongings before the thieves go far from the bazaar.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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