Vanished in a nightmare

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Nightmares are bad dreams and no one likes to have them. Even though they are just dreams, nightmares can scare us even more than our reality.Steven, together with his sisters Nancy and Betty, are stuck in the same nightmare. They don\'t know how did that happen but the three of them are really scared. They are wondering what could possibly take them in this nightmare and why are they all dreaming the same?! The three of them are sure that they like to escape from this unusual place so they are prepared to do whatever it takes, to make sure that they will go out of this nightmare. Since this is a very strange and complicated situation, Steven, Nancy, and Betty will need some help to escape from there. You will be open to cooperation, right? So let\'s help them find out why are they stuck together in this terrible dream and let\'s find a way to help them escape from there. Try to keep yourself the same while you are doing that because this is a strange situation by itself.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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