Find the Intruder

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The detectives\' job is rather difficult, and it takes them to many places. The two detectives, Elizabeth and Paul, together with their team, come to the famous wellness center. They are not here for relaxation but for work. Namely, in the last few days, there were a series of robberies of the personal belongings of the guests that were staying in this center. That\'s why the people from the center called the police, to help them find out who stands behind those robberies. It could be someone from outside, who operates in that area, but maybe it is someone from the guests. It is the job of the authorities to find out the person, or maybe it is about a whole team, that is responsible for the robberies that happen around. The detectives will be very happy if we help them in their investigation. Let\'s start searching together with them and try to find some evidence that will take us to the suspects. Who might be the intruder in this wellness center? We are about to find out very soon.

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