Secrets of Bayronville

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Patricia is a young girl that loves to live her life to the maximum. She loves adventures and she loves to discover new things, always being open to new experiences that sometimes can be found even on the other side of the Earth. That means that Patricia loves to travel very much and she uses every possible chance to do that.Our young adventurer is on a new mission. She is exploring the famous village of Bayronville today. There she finds the local farmer James who will take her on a trip all around the village. And the village of Bayronville, like every other place, has its secrets, places, or events that are not easily reachable for someone that doesn\'t live there. The farmer James has chosen an interesting way to introduce the village to Patricia - using riddles.She will have to answer the riddles to uncover the secrets behind the village. Maybe those riddles won\'t be that hard but in any case, let\'s help our young adventurer solve them successfully and learn something more about the village of Bayronville.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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