New Teachers

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Starting a new job is always difficult. It\'s not about the job, probably the job is something that it\'s all right for you, something that you\'ve chosen but it is more about the adaptation. Every company or every institution has certain rules, some of them written, some of them unwritten.The people who are there for a longer time, know how these rules function, but every new worker has to pass that phase when he should meet those rules and adapt to them consequently. And for some people it is very easy to adapt while for others it takes a lot of time.Vincent, Sophia and Alexis are the three new teachers in one high school. This is their first day at work and they need someone that will help them adapt to the new surroundings and start their new job without any trouble. The particular person that will help Vincent, Sophia and Alexis is actually you. This may sound as something new for you too, but we are sure that you will help them fit in in the new place successfully. Cmon,\' let\'s do our job and help the new teachers, they will be rather thankful.

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