Safari Journey

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Certainly, you have heard about African safaris and seen photographs of celebrities looking glamorous on safari in Africa, right? Africa is the home of the safari. Actually, this is where the initial idea of wildlife safari was born and developed. By definition, safari is a journey (or expedition) that includes looking at wild animals, mainly in East Africa and Southern Africa. People enjoy the natural life and connect with the animals in a new way.Gary is preparing for his biggest adventure. He is in Africa now, and he is making his last preparations for his safari. Gary hardly waits to see the animals being that close to him. Let\'s help him take everything he needs for the safari and make sure he will have a great time there, without worrying about anything else, except enjoying the time spent with the animals. Also, let\'s enjoy this safari together with Gary. We will also have a chance to see the beauties of Africa, but also to see the incredible animals in Africa, and learn something more about their behavior.

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